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Standard Issue, 2009

Estado de Excepción, or State of Exception, is a series of nine collective exhibitions by the participating artists of the program Catedra de Arte de Conducta. This program was founded by artist Tania Bruguera in 2003 with the purpose of creating an alternative training space to investigate the limits of art and its relationship between life.  

I participated on Monday, March 30 during the exhibition entitled “Advance Party”. The general theme for this show were works that engaged with the realm of children as a way to dialogue about collective memory, historical conditions and ideology.

My piece was a performance in which I dress my 11 month old daughter in the pioneer uniform and let her navigate the gallery space doing her usually activities: crawling, playing, etc... Entitled “Standard Issue” , the piece explores how the individual expresses oneself within a one-size-fits-all ideology.


For Immediate Release

St. Croix-based LaVaughn Belle presents 'Hideaway', a group of pencil and paper cut-out pieces on display in Christiansted with an opening on February 19, 2009 5-8 pm at Maufé (the show runs until March 8). Hideaway is an extension of Belle's contribution to the Overdragelse group exhibition at Copenhagen-based artist collective Overgaden last August, and is arranged by Salt Gallery.

Overdragelse (in English, this means approximately Transfer) looked at the relationship between Denmark and their former colony, the Danish West Indies (today's U.S. Virgin Islands) in an attempt to understand the common history and cultural heritage between Denmark and the United States. Belle was one of the curators and artists in the group exhibit &  Salt Gallery is now displaying her work at Christiansted's Maufé Gallery on St. Croix. A handmade 10-page book of cut-outs (photo attached) is part of the exhibit and is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. The b…