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Art VI Advocates

This weekend Priscilla Hintz Rivera with ART VI Advocates presented two amazing workshops at the Caribbean Musuem Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 12.

My take away quickly on the two workshops.

The Role of the Curator and Recent Shifts in Curatorial Practice presented by Cheryl Hartup
This was quite fascinating as Cheryl gave a historical analysis of the rise of the curator, when this term was first used, what it meant for the art world and how this role is conceived today. It was very interesting and informative.

Arts Marketing Strategies to Get Exposre For Your Work presented by Marta Mabel
Marta works in the Artist Assistance Program at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. She is also an artist herself and this museum and program is dedicated to the development of Puerto Rican artists. It's quite amazing what this program is doing and how it has nurtured the artists and reshaped the art landscape in Puerto Rico. It was a very detailed workshop that addressed issues like how…