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Finally picked a title for my solo show in Denmark in March 2017: LEDGERS FROM A LOST KINGDOM

Just finally came up with a title for my solo exhibit at |meter| in March 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.LEDGERS FROM A LOST KINGDOM It was inspired by summarizing the two main impressions from my trip this summer 2016. The first impression is about the documents. There is this overwhelming amount of written information, photographs, records that is becoming available in the next few months leading up to the Centennial of the transfer of the Virgin Islands from Denmark to the US. But as I had the opportunity to look at some of the information and archives in various institutions what struck me was how imbalanced the records are. To use an accounting term,  how “unreconciled” the accounts are. There was all of this transactional information about the colonies. Even the way the Virgin Islands is still currently presented in the Danish National Museum is in a section that talks about the colonial trade posts. And there was this feeling that the people were missing, the souls were missing, …

Group Exhibition: WHERE IS HERE at the Musuem of the African Diaspora

Honored to participate in this exhibit at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. I am showing two pieces: Cuts and Burns and an installation that includes my Chaney paintings.
To see more, click here:Where is Here