Saturday, November 8, 2014

Artist Studio: Preparing to Move (what to do with old unfinished work?)

A few years ago I decided I wanted to have an artist studio away from the house, a separate space to work, away from distractions of home life ie, kids, husband, tv, etc. It led me on this amazing and unexpected journey which I have been documenting here:
However as this part of the journey comes to a close, the space is almost finished and I am beginning to unpack my art supplies and artwork as I prepare to move. It is a very strange feeling unpacking loads of unfinished drawings and paintings, some of which I don't even remember creating. Do I toss them? (blasphemy!), try to finish them? (unlikely), gesso/paint over them and start anew ? (appealing) or just leave them, leave them as records of my artist journey. What are your thoughts on what to do with old unfinished work?

Here are some pictures. I believe they were created between 1998-2002. Some in NY, some in Cuba and some in St. Croix. 

Chisholm Trail