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I see my art practice as an investigative tool, as a way to engage in dialogue, a platform for thinking and a means to develop knowledge. My work has evolved from figurative and symbolic explorations in painting to a variety of modes that include drawing, video, performance, installation and public intervention projects. Therefore, the emphasis of my work does not lie in the medium, but in creating a space to explore social contexts and collective narratives. History, film, soap-operas, fairy-tales and mythology all inform my work in that they are both narrative modes that I use as well as sites of investigation. I look for the narratives inscribed in various objects and places and find ways to add to them and at times subvert them. Because I live in the Virgin Islands, a place that has changed colonial hands seven times, the longest being Denmark and the last being the United States, I am particularly interested in the colonial and neocolonial narrative and how it shapes identity, memory and reality. (return to website)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I wrote this article 10 years ago and I could have written it today. "Bull and Bread" check it out.

10 Years ago I was asked by Danish curator Jacob Fabricius to contribute to a zine he was starting about everyday items. He asked artists from around the world to contribute and I was honored to be on the cover of the first edition with an article I wrote about "food". The edition was about food-in a kind of way (to borrow a phrasing from Jamaica Kincaid in "A Small Place").  I chose to write about the holiday "Bull and Bread" which is also named David Hamilton Jackson day on November 1st. It is mind blowing to think that 10 years later here I am working in an art studio on a property that was his childhood home. (This is something we discovered earlier this year on another project Only with time and reflection can you see how the currents of destiny will direct your life.  But here below is the article. And here is the link to the entire zine if you would like to read it.

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