Artist Statement

I see my art practice as an investigative tool, as a way to engage in dialogue, a platform for thinking and a means to develop knowledge. My work has evolved from figurative and symbolic explorations in painting to a variety of modes that include drawing, video, performance, installation and public intervention projects. Therefore, the emphasis of my work does not lie in the medium, but in creating a space to explore social contexts and collective narratives. History, film, soap-operas, fairy-tales and mythology all inform my work in that they are both narrative modes that I use as well as sites of investigation. I look for the narratives inscribed in various objects and places and find ways to add to them and at times subvert them. Because I live in the Virgin Islands, a place that has changed colonial hands seven times, the longest being Denmark and the last being the United States, I am particularly interested in the colonial and neocolonial narrative and how it shapes identity, memory and reality. (return to website)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Highlights


                                   FEBRUARY/ MARCH      
 MAGAZINE COVER |  St. Croix This Week  

I was pretty excited to be featured in the February and March Issue of St. Croix This week with "The Planter's Chair" and "Chaney Series" paintings respectively. 

GROUP EXHIBITION | Invisible Heritage: Identity, Memory and Our Towns   

Curated by Monica Marin this collaborative project and exhibition explored marginalized histories through vernacular traditions and the built environment at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. My ongoing project, "The House That Freedom Built" along with my "Cuts and Burns" series was featured. 

 | GROUP EXHIBITION |  Anatomy of An Heirloom |                                                            

Along with Gerville Larsen and Niarus Walker Benjamin I exhibited at the Top Hat Gallery a series of new work that dealt with gestures and objects that are treasured and passed on. Variations of the "Cuts and Burns" series were exhibited along with a new work that were juxtapositions of images from personal archives paired with the Danish historical archives. 

 | GROUP EXHIBITION |  Ocean of Dignified Dust | 

Curated by Priscilla Hintz Rivera Knight and David Knight Jr this interpretive historical and art exhibit at the Yacht Haven Grand centered around the legacy of the "Coal Carriers" of St. Thomas. I exhibited my series of charcoal drawings, "Storms (and other violent interruptions of the pintoresco)"

 | DANISH NATIONAL TV | Kald Mig Bare Brun  |      

I was a part of Danish actor and comedian's Anna Neye documentary for Danish National TV called "Kald Mig Bare Brun" which focussed on questioning Denmark's racial issues and it's connection to it's colonial past. I was interviewed in 2015 in my studio to talk about my artwork in the context of the relationship between the Virgin Islands and Denmark. The show aired in April 2016. Anna Neye and me will continue our conversation in March 2017 in a panel discussion with artist Jeannette Ehlers and moderated by Dr. Temi Odemuso.

                                      JULY/ AUGUST                    
 | RESIDENCY |  Danish Arts Workshop |                            

I spend three weeks in Copenhagen at Danish Arts Workshop to begun the research and preparation for my solo show this March 2017 at |meter| kunstalle. I originally planned to continue working on my "cuts and Burns" series but as good fate would have it I forgot about the coversion of the power and burned out my equipment the first day. This forced me to consider working on something else, a project from my sketchbook that was related to my growing interest in architecture as a space for negotiating freedoms. It was wonderful to be able to see this project come to life.

 | GROUP EXHIBITION | Where is Here |          

 Where Is Here, curated by Jacqueline Francis and Kathy Zarur at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, evokes the real and conceptual space through which we travel. I exhibited two pieces, "Cuts and Burns" and "Chaney Series _002 and 003 (we live in the fragments)". Both pieces were expanded for the show. The "Cuts and Burns" grew in size as I developed more panels to suit the space and the "Chaney" paintings evolved into an installation with the fragments in a mound of dirt. The show runs until April 2017.
 | ARTS FESTIVAL |  Take Five  | 

On the heels of Art Basel in Miami, I participated in an inaugural performance festival in St Croix. My project "The House That Freedom Built" was featured alongside works by David Antonio Cruz, Jeannette Ehlers, Oceana James, Kharis Kennedy and Rashad Newsome. The festival was curated by Monica Marin and Carla Acevedo Yates and produced by Alaina Simone, Inc and centered around performance art works that responded to gender, identify, race and history. 

 | NEWS FEATURE |  St. Croix Source  | 

Trinidadian-American writer Lesley Ann Brown featured me in 2-part article based on conversations we had during my residency in Denmark and after about my work and the Danish colonial history. Part I and Part II can be found here and here


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